Brooklyn Raga Massive


Brooklyn Raga Massive presents their unique blend of raga and minimalism with their original composition “In D” as an homage to the renowned composer Terry Riley, inspired by Riley's "In C". Their orchestra of 15 musicians includes sitar, bansuri, violin, cello, guitar, tabla, vocal, kora, oud, trumpet, shakuhachi, frame drums, and percussion. Their full length album recording of "In D" was released in November 2020. BRM is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit and collective. For nine years they have cultivated a vibrant and diverse community through their weekly concert and jam session. In the democratic spirit of these jam sessions, BRM is composed of 50+ collaborating musicians. Hailed as "Leaders of the Raga Renaissance," by The New Yorker and praised by The New York Times for "preserving the past while blurring genres in an inventive spirit," BRM curates and presents over 70 concerts annually at venues and festivals around the world.