Dinner by Chef Norberto Piattoni


Argentinian-born chef Norberto Piattoni’s practice reflects his deep reverence for agriculture and his wide-ranging influences, from traditional Argentine cuisine to the flavors of Italy and Spain, and extensive time spent in Uruguay where he worked for renowned Argentine chef Francis Mallmann at Restaurant Garzon as Head Chef. Since moving to the U.S. in 2013 he worked coast to coast, including famed Bar Tartine in San Francisco as sous-chef and opening his own restaurant Mettā where he earned a loyal following thanks to his unusual technique of fire cooking, and his attention to sourcing locally. In 2019 he opened San Pedro Inn Bar and Restaurant in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and more recently began working under the moniker “The Modestos” to do a series of pop-ups across the country, including this year at SHAG.